About Me

So, let's start at the basics.

My name is Noam, I am 21 years old and a first-year medical student. I am also a lot of other things.

I decided to create this blog and instagram platform when I noticed a gap in the medical school curriculum. We place so much emphasis on how to treat disease and so little on how to prevent it! The drugs, treatments and surgeries available in medicine today are with no doubt incredible and extremely beneficial. However, with rising health care costs and the knowledge we have about lifestyle factors in disease, why aren't we talking about the root problem?

So, basically, I have always been passionate about both physical and mental health advocacy. I also love to talk (a lot), write, bake/cook and take pictures. 

One day, I felt like there was so much on my mind that I just decided to put pen to paper... Or in this case, purchased a domain and built a website!


Any information on this blog (or any of my other platforms) does not substitute medical advice. I strive to provide evidence-based information but please consult your physician before making any diet, exercise or lifestyle changes. Everybody's body is different. 

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